Store Data In the Table

This is my Dasboard,

The entries only get stored as dynamically, when I restart the App no old entries can be found. How Can I Store the Data Permanently.

hello @psp316r, thanks for posting.

just so we know how to troubleshoot, could you share the Trigger that are creating the Table Records and storing the data to the Tables??

in the meantime, these are good resources to get started with sending data from Apps to Tables:

thanks again for posting.

Hi @gio ,

Thanks for the quick response here is the screenshot of the trigger I am using…

Can you check, where I am doing wrong ?

no problem. it all looks correct to me from this Trigger.

are you seeing any error messages when you click the Button that executes this Triggers??

and if you open the Table when you click the Button, do you see the Record being created with the ID you provide and the 2 variables being stored @psp316r??

Hi @gio

There are no error messages, when we press on the button the data get’s added on the Table which is on the Dashboard, but when I go back to tables and check the data is not added, Pls check below screen shots.

Records in the Backend Table:

Hello @psp316r ,
Can you share a link to this app and table so we can take a closer look?


Hello @Het ,
I am also having the same issue. I can see in developer mode that the values are being stored in the Record Placeholder but when I check in the table, its not coming up.

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Hey Arpit,
Thanks for posting in community.
The developer mode by design does not store data in tables. This is its normal behaviour.
You can find more information on the developer mode here: How to Use "Developer Mode" To Test Apps | Tulip Knowledge Base - Support for Building Operations Apps.


Yeah it works in Player. Thanks