Insert new record into Tulip table

Hi Team,

I am trying to insert one record into Tulip table as below steps, but it’s not working without any app error…

  1. Create record placeholder to load the Tulip table data

    When i click one record, it could link to the placeholder

  2. Then i add one trigger to add new record, and in test mode, it shows the new record is created

  3. But when i try to check the Tulip table data, new record is not there…

Could you please help me to know which part i missed? Thanks.

Hey @Ruijia -

I was actually just working on some video content to make this more clear :grinning:

So Developer mode is primarily intended for just testing your application isolated from production data, but that means it has some intentional limits. The biggest one of those is that it doesn’t actually edit table data (create or edit). That is exactly what you are seeing, where it looks like it is being created, but its not actually showing up in the table. The only other real limitation I have run into is around queries and aggregations on tables not updating (because dev mode isnt actually changing the table).

Does this make sense? Like I eluded to, we are working to make this more intutive-

Thank you Pete for your prompt reply!

So is it a Tulip bug in developer mode, or should I publish the app, then it could update to table?

Hey @Ruijia -

This is actually intentional behavior. Developer mode doesn’t actually edit the table so you dont impact production data while testing your application. I recommend you setup a testing station so you can test your app with the Tulip Player if you want to insure your app is writing correctly to tables.

To run your app in player as opposed to developer mode: click the “Play” button, as opposed to “Test”.

Does this help?