App works in Developer Mode, errors in Tulip Player - why?

I’ve created an app with a delete function. It works perfectly when tested in Developer Mode. However, in the Tulip Player when I try to delete I get the error: “Record with ID fake_id is currently being used. Please finish any apps using this record and try again.”

When trying to delete from the table I get: “Record is currently loaded in an app running at these stations: My Station”. So I know its the instance of the app I’m currently developing.

Why would deleting work in Developer Mode but not in Tulip Player? How can I fix this?

Hello @cartwright_foreman ,
To fix this, you will first need to store the ID of the record to delete in a variable, then clear this record placeholder and then use the delete action to delete this record in the player.

This is one difference between the Player and the developer mode and we have an open bug ticket to harmonize this behavior between the Player and the test mode.

Let us know if this works for you!

Hi @hetpandit347

I believe my app is already designed like that.

Here’s my table record selection:

And here’s my delete:

Any suggestions?