Can't Load Table ID's with "/" Character

I’ve got a weird bug here. This may not be a complete picture, hopefully someone at Tulip can put all the puzzle pieces together. The issue has broken my app.

If you try to use the Table Record → Load Record → into Placeholder → by ID Variable → myVariable and the ID in the table record contains a “/” the trigger will fail. Where things get weird is that if you embed the table that you are referencing in the app, the trigger will go through fine. The embedded table does not have to be on the same step as the trigger, but it does have to be displaying the ID column. You do not need to link a record placeholder. You have to go to the step with the embedded table before using the trigger, or the trigger will again, not work.

Hopefully someone with insight into the backend of the code can figure out what’s going on! Seems to be related to the latest release, issue just started occurring today.

Hey Ethan,

This is a bug on our platform and our engineering team is prioritizing and actively investigating this issue!

I will follow up with you as soon as I have an update!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.