Populate step text and images from table record

I am working on a Work Order Instructions app. My thought is that I would store directions and images for each process in a table, and then dynamically populate the Tulip Step page (images and texts) with the data from the table. I have been able to get a POC working, but it feels clunky, and I have two questions that I think would make it a bit cleaner.

First - Currently, I am loading a record from the table into a placeholder and then individually storing fields from the placeholder into variables so the texts and images in the Step can then display the variable. This feels like an extra step (Record → variable → text) and I’m wondering if there is a way to have a text element or image be set directly from a record placeholder?

Second - I can load a record into a placeholder by that record’s ID, but ideally I would be able to query a table based on other information. I know I can use a table query with an interactive table and then link a record to that table, but then I would need someone to click on the record to actually set the variable that the text would read from. Is there any other way to use table queries besides the interactive table? Or maybe some way to run a trigger automatically with the first entry in the interactive table?


Ok, figured out the first one on my own - using table record rather than Text from a variable :slight_smile:

Hey Christopher,

Glad to hear you got the first question sorted out!

For the second one, using an embedded table is currently the only way to use queries within an app. So as you’ve seen, even if your query returns only one record → you will need to click on the record in the table to load it into your table record.

You mentioned:

some way run a trigger automatically with the first entry in the interactive table

This is not possible at the moment, but if your query is returning multiple records, it might be worth (if possible) to add additional filters on the query to return just 1 record. This would prevent the possibility for someone to click on the wrong record. What’s your thoughts on this workaround?

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Thanks! Good to know I’m not missing anything from the Query.

My table is currently set up that my query will only return one record, but who knows what tables and queries I might want to run in the future… I just figured that in the general case if there was a way to have an interactive table automatically select a record, then having it default to the first returned record probably makes the most sense.

I guess that’s just a feature request then for a trigger or something when an interactive table is updated (or for the ability to use queries somewhere else)


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