Walk through records in interactive table

actually, interactive table with filter is query set from table. in trigger, we may use load record method to load record in table placeholder. or when use mouse to click the record in interactive table, the record will be loaded. but as we know, many program language often use cursor to walk through query set. provide similar method for query set, like moveforward, moveback, movetofirst, movetolast , if tulip platform has the similar method,app developer will feel convenient.

by the way, if we make a single number analysis base on table, how can we store the single number to a variable? of course, I know we can use HTTP connector function to get the result.

Hey Mike, I wanted to address both of your points:

  1. Iterating through a series of table records: We know that we need to build this at some point :slight_smile: I will update this thread when we have started development.

  2. Making Table Analytics values available in variables: This functionality is coming in 2 weeks! We are calling it “Aggregations”. Would you like to be a beta tester?

hey Kevin,

yes, your summary is exactly what I need. during my app developing , I used function in HTTP connection to solve those issue. I once talked to Gio on these topics, and he suggest I post topics in community.

by the way, It is my honor to be a beta tester. just let me know when those features are ready in tulip platform.

Great! Will reach out in the next few weeks when I add to your account.