Load old data in placeholder

Hello everyone!!
I am working on an App, that is used to track different production stats and then displays them in an accessible way for business and the next shifts.
I have two different apps, one for entering data and one for all of the dashboards. However, I would like for the ‘entry-app’ to show on especific set of data that is stored in one specific table, in the same format that that data is entered.

My idea was to create two different placeholders for the same table, and then just link one placeholder to where the data is shown, and the other to where the data is entered. I tried to manipulate the first placeholdr by designing another step, where the user selects one row in the table (the one which he needs to see eg last shifts data) and that interactive table is likte to the placeholder in the area where the data is shown.
I have another placeholder for entering the data in another step.
My problem is th efollowing: even though these are two different placeholders, once the user changes anything in the entry step, the data in the ‘dashboard-step’ changes as well.

Why could that be the case? Is there another way to do what I want to do?
I hope my explanation of the problem is more or less understandable!

Thanks in advance for any answers

Hi @chr_blnck,
If the 2 different record placeholders are pointing to the same row in the table I would expect it do what you are seeing.

There is a special widget called “Record History” that might do what you need. But you will need to contact Tulip support enquire about. Its available in LTS version and not factory release.

The other option is
In the entry step, dont store data directly to the record placeholder. Instead save the data to variables. Then setup a “save/update” that the operator clicks to write the variable data to the table record. This way dashboard data will only update when you save the variables to the table (Ie when operator has finished recording the data). But there is a potential bug you need to mitigate. If the table data is changed from somewhere else the operator in the entry step will not see that change. So you must have (a) an "update’ button that copies the most recent table data to the variables or (b) do the same on step entry.

There might be another way by using Analytics to show the old data in the dashboard apps. I havent played with that feature too much but i think its worth exploring.

I hope this makes sense. Let me know if i need to elaborate anything.

Hi @Rakitha,
thanks a lot for the explanation. I tried storing the data in variables first, that works perfectly fine for what I am trying to do.

Thanks a lot again, you really helped me a lot!!

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