[Tip of the Week] Using Multiple Table Record Placeholders in an App

hello all,

Table Record Placeholders are necessary if you want to manipulate data in Table Records from your apps. for most use cases a one-to-one relationship between an App and a Table is all that’s needed to read or write data. however, there are some use cases in which it can be useful to have more than one Record in your App linked to the same Table. this allows you to have a 1 to many relationship in which multiple Table Records (from the same Table) can be updated simultaneously.

in the below example, we show how a Tulip Table that tracks time on tools can have multiple tools updated at once.


App (note the multiple Table Record Placeholders to the same Table, Tool1 and Tool2):

the app has two interactive Tables that are each linked to the corresponding Table Record Placeholder:

finally (on a 1 minute timer) both Records in the Table are incremented by 60 to track the number of seconds that the tool has been in use for:

is somebody already using more than 1 Tulip Table Record Placeholder per App?? if so, share how you’re doing it here below!!