Abilty to combine multiple table updates for the same record into one

Assume a new record needs to be created a many columns of the record need to be updated. In a Tulip trigger, this is done using multiple “Data Manipulation” steps. This can cause bad performance because each record column is updated individually. An example can be seen here:
Work Order Tracking / Production Control - Show and tell - Tulip Community
Notice how after clicking on “Create Order”, the entries on the right hand side are slowly populated individually.

I am proposing a mechanism for the App creator to say they want to update a table record and list multiple columns in one go. Example:

Data Manipulation


Table Record

[Value 1] to location [Column 1]
[Value 2] to location [Column 2]
[Value 3] to location [Column 3]

Today, this can be achieved by creating a Table API connector function. However, it would be better to offer this in the trigger editor.


  • Trigger logic is simpler
  • Updates could be created in a transactional way (e.g. all or nothing)
  • Triggers execute faster

Hi Jaspreet,

Thank you for the suggestion - the product, design, and engineering teams plan to tackle this work as part of improving our trigger experience. Data Manipulation (as one of the most popular triggers) is at the top of our minds.