Update all table records from a specific column

It would be nice if you implement an option to automatically update all table records in a specific datetime or at least with a trigger

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I agree that this would be a valuable addition to the Tulip platform. would you mind sharing a little more on the use case you have in mind??

in the meantime, we have an internal ticket to track this suggestion. we’ll post here as there are updates.

@emendoza @pte I am looking to do this with a training application. For example I would like to do the following:
*mark a particular training as obsolete and update all pending trainings to be closed
*Update all trainings that are overdue to a new status of ‘OVERDUE’

To take this even further I would like to also be do an action on anything from a table query such as - send an email/sms notification, update a field in a table, run a connector function. And the action will automatically loop through each row in the query.

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