Table records update using Looper

Hello guys,
I am trying to build a trigger that could update me table records automatically just using the Tulip API and filters.
In fact, first time i want to compare the day, the month and the year of the current date with the update date of the record using the connector filter and after that to be able to make my decision if i keep this record or it’s up to date. Here is my connector that i am using but where i am stucked is how to to compare just the day, month and the year of the two dates. Because if i compare the whole date, i will get all records even the one that have been updated because of the seconds or minutes.

My goal is, knowing that we are limited to 100 Id record for the connector, is to update all records and to eliminate from the connector result the records that have been already updated.
This function will be used every day to update a date limit column using two other tables.
Is there a solution to be able to do so or i have to do it differently?