Add function to create an object from a table placeholer

I would like to create an object type with all the fields present in a define table placeholder to act as a temporary record data storage. I would like to do so to prevent fragmented data while an edit is not 100% complete as would be the result from manipulating the table placeholder record directly.

Right now I will have to manually set everything up. On a table with many fields this is very tedious.

It would be a great time-saver if there was an option to create such a placeholder variable at the push of a button.

What do you think about a scond placeholder on the same table?
Isn’t this just an object contaning the values?

You could have one placeholder as a live handler and one to act as a …

The second will manipulate the table data as well… just by nature of how Tulip handles data access at present. Please correct me if I am wrong: but as of now there is no way to open a table placeholder and storing some data in it without immediately modifying the underlying table record.

I would like to open a table record, edit the data - without immediately modifying the table !!! - and then save the data once the user confirms that all is good.

I got it. You are right.

As a workaround you could set up a connector function, and add all colums as output by clicking each value once.

On a bigger Table that could be a bit easyer and faster.

However, I’m with you, that is a stupid workaround.

@sebme, you recent suggestions are really anticipating how we’re thinking about data in Tulip moving forward. I’ll reiterate here that we’re in the beginning stages of some work that will fundamentally rethink (and improve!) how Tulip handles data, especially complex data and data types, across all of the platform surfaces. Please keep sharing these use-cases and ideas as you have them—they’re really important context for us!