Ability to load a table query as a temporary local copy for active-session-only manipulation

Currently it is only possible to directly manipulate a table. It would be great if it would also be possible to load a query result as a temporary local copy which you can manipulate just like a regular table object using a record placeholder.

Ideally you would then be also able to feed this manipulated object as a whole back into the originating table - sort of like a batch update.

Use case: In our application we would like the operator to be able to manipulate his order record for his current session only - to do some basic manipulation only, like changing execution sequence or tracking of received materials… To do this we would actually prefer to not directly modify the underlying table but rather only do this for the records which should be in memory after the initial data load.

If you have parallel activities happening at different workstation for a single job, immediately persisting everything to a single table is not possible because the workstations would impact each other’s decisions.