Load all a Tulip table

Hi !

Our goal is to manage the stocks of a production line. We have a table with the BOM of the products to be manufactured and a table with the flow rack stocks of each component. When a product is finished, we want to subtract the quantity of components used in the stock table from the BOM table (the quantity is indicated in the BOM table).

We are looking for a way to load an entire table onto an application. At the moment we can load a table row by row. Is there a way to load the whole table at once?

Thank you in advance for your help !

Hi @Thomas

for display reasons you can simply use an interactive table widget and select your table as source:

For calculations you can create a query and an aggregation (top right corner on the table page) and select it in the app builder where you create the record placeholder (aggregations only work on queries).
But be careful! queries are limited to 1000 rows