Dynamic amount of table enties

Hello, I´m relatively new to Tulip and need help.
My Problem:

I want to create table entries dependent on the number (whole numbers / Integer) the user inputs.
Example: The User inputs 5, so I want to create 5 entries in a Table.
In Another Time the User inputs 3, so 3 entries get created into a Table.
The enties have to be created with one button click.

Is this possible? What could I do to make this work ?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Taha, thanks for the question. There’s no out-of-the-box way to do this in Tulip but there are work arounds depending on what your end goal is. Can you tell me a little bit more about your use-case here?

I currently try to make a step (as for trying - not for a customer) where I can create a ProductionOrder, a ProductionOrder can have a Product (linked) and multiple Materials (linked) .

The user can decide to input a dynamic value in “Quantity”. If the user (for example) inputs 5, then not only is the ProductionOrder created in the ProductionOrder-Table, but also 5 Materials in the Materials-Table (5 entries) which are all linked to the one ProductionOrder which has been created.

Is that possible?

Do you have a reason for entering 5 (identical?!) records instead of adding a column “amount”?
So you would have a Material with one entry but an amount of 5.
You could substract consumend amounts and add produced units.

The reason why I’m asking is, that this would be much faster in Tulip Tables then adding a bunch of rows.

Additionaly you would see the available amount with one blink of an eye, with no need to count :wink:

It is worth trying, thank you.