Multiple Entries On Submit

I am working on an app that simulates an assembly press. The user puts together the items needed to be pressed and then when its ready they’ll hit submit on the app, press the parts and then start again. At one time, they can press either 6 or 12 parts. I want to make the app capable of keeping track of these 6/12 parts at a time, incrementing the parts Serial Number by one each time. I’m wondering the best way to tackle this. Is there a feature similar to a while loop, that I can keep cycling through until a count value is reached? Any and all feedback would be helpful! Thanks so much!!

Maybe share some shots of what you have so far? Will Tulip be responsible for generating and assigning these serial numbers?

As of right now I only have it entering 1 serial number for 6 parts at a time, but I’m curious if there is an easy way to enter all 6 on submit without making 6 triggers, one for each part. I hope that made sense, I’m more than happy to clarify more if that’d help you better understand it too.
Thanks so much!!

hello @txh3467, one way to solve this would be by adding a Conditional statement on your Trigger.

to set that up, you can have a counter increment every time a part is assembled.

on the same Button, you can have another Trigger that checks whether this Variable has reached 6:

here’s what the Button would look like:

if so, you can complete the App and start the next order. would that help you build what you’re trying to build?? let us know!!

What tells the app if there are 6 parts or 12 parts to process? Once the serial numbers are generated, where are you sending/storing them? There’s probably opportunities to do this, if not with app logic itself then with a connector function if you are writing this data somewhere other than Tulip tables. If you are using Tulip tables, there’s probably some way to just have an auto-incrementing column that corresponds to your serial number.

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