Creating from one Table Values to new Table

A question: is it possible to create from a table (on the left) to another table (on the right) only one variable ? What I am trying is that the employee can choose a tool for his work, we see here tool1, tool2, tool3 and in the left one I have a table with tools (hammer, meisel …). I want that I can choose one by one and not to convert one to 3, u see i choose meisel and the convert to tool1, tool2 and tool3.

thx for help

Hi, that is a nice looking interface :slight_smile:
Yes this can be done!

first of all I will have a counter that increments every time you add a tool to the right side table, to keep track of how many tools are selected.
If counter is 1 then add to tool 1 column, if the counter is 2 then add to tool 2 column, …
also at the same time i will have a temporary array to keep track of the name of the tool added.
if the name exist in the array I will show a message “this tool is already in the list” if not i go ahead and add it to table on the right.
remember to clear the counter and the temporary array after the tool selection is done.

this is also not the only way, but i hope it gives you an idea.

Sorry my reply is not very detailed but im sure you can do some experiments and figure this out. If not let me know.

this KB article will give you a starting point for arrays.
How to Use Arrays In Apps (

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Thank you for your answer and yes this idea sounds right and I have also thought about it, I think it is my first 2 months with Tulips and I have not yet acquired the knowledge with arrays etc. I have to expand my knowledge first. Then I have to expand my knowledge first.


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@Rakitha, thanks for that detailed response. To add, @akramyahwar, you can also learn more about basic array functions in this Tulip University course.