Create Variable From Table Selection

Hi guys,

I’m a new on Tulip and Still Trying to figure out some data management things. Today I ran into my first blocker. I’m hopping one of you guys could help me out understand what I’m trying to do or a least suggest a better option.

I currently have a table where I record the the following :

Serial Number, Motor SN , Rotor SN, Stator SN

Serial Number Column is already filled with our own Serial Number .

I have an app where I would like to make a single Select input where the operator selects the corresponding serial number from the tulip table record then store that serial number into a variable.

I tried using an interactive table displaying the column serial number only, but i’m having a hard time storing my selection into a variable.

thank you in advance.

Hi @jairmanquero7 and welcome to Tulip Community! We are glad you are here and using Tulip :slight_smile:

If I am understanding correctly - you want a user to be able to select a serial number from the interactive table, and store that selection as a variable, correct?

We actually have a Tulip University course that covers how to do this that I recommend you check out (linked here:

But to give you a short answer, you will create a trigger on that interactive table like the screenshot below (except instead of “Current Inventory” it will be the name of your table record, and the name of your variable will be whatever you want to call it, maybe “selected serial number”)

Let me know if this helps!