How to display all tables values which are created manually in tulip table?

My requirement: how can i display the 2nd row of table data in the tulip UI by triggering a button. (Note: I have created table values manually)

Hi @preetham, I want to ask some follow-ups to make sure I understand the question.

You’re looking to display just the second row in table, correct?

Off the top of my head, the easiest way to do this is to make a UNIQUE VALUES table aggregation for the ID column, and use the value at index position 1 to load the record into your app.

Here’s a video of how I would approach this:

If that doesn’t get you want you’re looking for, could you answer the following for me:

Are you looking to do so in an interactive table or using embedded table records?

How are your table record IDs structured?

Thank you for sharing the video which helped me solving the problem.
But another question which raised was how can we dynamically load the record into the app by incrementing the records with unique ids?