Loop for loading table records


I would like to load several record placeholders with a loop. Unfortunately, this is not possible because each placeholder must be explicitly named.
My suggestion would be to be able to load the placeholder using a variable, text, etc. This would allow me to load the placeholders using a loop.

Hi @Fabehe

could you describe your use case a bit more?
If you have multiple placeholders, you can load them at once without any loop, If you want a single placeholder to load and process multiple datasets/records, a loop could help.

So what is the actual goal?

Hi @thorsten.langner

I would like to display a visualization of the assembly stations in different assembly plants. To do this, I have created a table with each workstation as a data record. The data record of a workstation contains the status as a color. To visualize the color, I first load the table record into the placeholder and then display the color of the placeholder in the app. Currently, I have to fill the placeholder for each workstation individually.
My goal is to loop through an array with the name of all placeholders and to load the placeholders automatically, since the name of the table record and that of the placeholder are identical.

If you are using individual placeholders per record, you can load them in one trigger without any loop.
Simply add another action and load the next value into the next placeholder.

How many records/placeholders are we talking about?

Yes, that’s how I currently do it. Depending on the plant, between 50 to 200 placeholders. It would be much easier if I had a table aggregation for each factory with which I could load all placeholders.

I wouldn’t recomment using 50-200 placeholders at all.

What do you actually do with your 200 records in the app?
Do you only display the Status by workstation? → interactive Table with a query and one placeholder to provide a selection to work with

Do you actually process any of that data? Can you determine the workstations with which further processing should happen?

The app is an andon of the plant. You can see the layout of the plant and every workstation in it. The status of the workstations is displayed in color. This means that the workstation is filled in the respective color. When a worker reports a quality issue, the color of the workstation changes according to the priority. To get the live status of a workstation, I have to load it into the app as a placeholder.

It sounds like the core use-case of this would be to allow a quick, visual method of determining where events are happening. I suspect an easier solution would be to have an interactive table which filters for workstation statuses you associate with quality events, and have a floorplan markup to show where the station is as part of the station record. That way when there is a quality event, the user can open the record and immediately see the context of where the station is in the facility.

It’s also a bit more agile, since the floorplan image used for any given station can be restricted to only the areas of interest for that station. That means when the floorplan changes, you only need to think about updating station records used in the same area of interest, which is a task that can easily be done through a manager interface by a maintenance technician, rather than needing to continuously review and update your andon map application every time.

I had a similar case where I had to show the status of chromatography equipment in a QC lab.

An approach that came up was to use analytics and completions to show it. If you make a simple analytics that show the latest status then copy pasting it across a image of the plant floor and changing the filter for each representation could achieve something similar.
For inspiration I made a test app to demonstrate and screen recorded a short video of how it works. There is a 5 second delay on the update of analytics so it wont be instant.

Same analytics is used for all dots but a simple filter is applied on each instance in the app like this “Current station equals”:


Just an idea. Showing from table is also possible, but making the app pass the filtering may require a bit more fiddling :slight_smile:
Edit: Realized that grouping would fix the filtering challenge from table so showing a field from straight from your table is possible. Just store the icon you wish to present and you are in business!

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I would solve this by making each station a “Machine”. You can write attributes to your fake machines within the app running at each station.

Then use the Machine Status widget on top of an image of your production area.

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