Edit multiple table records at once without loading into record placeholder

Hey guys I was wondering if there is a way to have an app locate all records within a table containing an assigned variable in a specific field. And then have that app edit each of the records containing said variable without having to load every table record into a record placeholder?

(For example if I have a table with a bunch of order numbers as the ID field and then each of those records has a Color field. I want an app that can find every record with Red in its Color field and have that app automatically change those records with Red to Blue instead.)

Hey Cole, we know we definitely need to build this, but it is currently not possible without the workaround you described. Will update this thread when it is close to being released!

No worries! I figured that would be the case but thought Iā€™d ask.

Thanks Kevin

Is there a timeline for this feature release? It would be extremely beneficial to be able to update multiple records at once.

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Hi Jason, I totally agree with you and we definitely want to build it. There are some technical challenges associated with it, which is why we have delayed.

Will update this thread when we have an anticipated due date!