Use of Queries & Aggregations from within Automations

I have been thinking of ways to reduce my usage of the Looper custom widget and instead utilize Automations which could be more reliable or at least a better experience for the users.

A key feature I would need to see to accomplish this would be a built-in Action to Get Table Records…multiple records. To me it seems the existing Query and Aggregations could be used to return a list of Unique IDs which when passed to a Loop action could make Updates to each record. Any filters in the query set to App Input would of course require input from within the Automation.

Example: I have a PARTS table that contains a single record per serial numbered part. I have a second table DOCUMENTS that contains uploaded PDFs with inspection and other test reports…multiple records per serial numbered part. When Quality signs off a part being complete, I want to update a field on each related record in the DOCUMENTS table to indicate the document was approved. Probably many more examples but this is just one.

I understand I can likely accomplish this using a connector function however having it built in would make it much easier and cleaner for development.


Can this be a feature request so I can upvote it?

Just changed it to a prod request Jim :slight_smile:

Thanks @doneil for this suggestion! @jakerigos and team are looking into it