Search Embedded Tables

hello all,

I wanted to share a feature I’ve been using to search Embedded Tables in Apps:


it’s really simple to implement:

  1. add a Text Input Widget and assign it a Variable (Search in my example):
  2. add a filter to the Table on the Field you want to filter by:

let me know your thoughts on this!!

Works great! This was the first thing I figured out after I saw you use the embedded table on office hours. Important to note that doing it this way the search only looks at one field. If you create a table analytic and search from there, it looks at all fields, but analytics I’ve created this way appear to be limited to 1000 records.

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hey @Alinator, welcome to the Community!!

that’s a great idea, hadn’t thought of adding search on Embedded Analyses.

with regards to the limit of 1,000 rows, I have just submitted a ticket to our engineering team to review increasing this limit. we’ll keep you posted if this is something we will indeed be doing!!