Embedded Table won't show data

Hello! I am having an issue with the search filters I have placed on my embedded table. In the instance I input a value into my text input widget that doesn’t exist in the table (so it shows no results) when I backspace to leave the widget empty so it would show all table data as unfiltered again, it just remains showing “No data” on the table. Is there a fix for this? Has anyone else run into this issue before? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Sorry, it says “No Records Found” even on the step enter now but the previous step uses the same table and record placeholder and shows data normally.

hey @mattsaun, thanks for posting!!

what is the Filter you’re using on the Interactive Table (Contains, Starts With, etc.)??

if you could share a screenshot of the Filter on the Interactive Table it would be useful to help resolve this!!

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Hey Gio! Here are the search input fields and their corresponding table filters, hopefully this can shed some light! The inputs are also assigned the same variables listed in the table filters.

Sorry I forgot to censor some of the info in the last posts since it is sensitive data and crop them so you didnt see both my screens, my apologies!

Never mind, it was such a simple fix! I forgot to change them from equals to contains… my bad!

hey @mattsaun, thanks for the update!! great to hear you were able to get this resolved, let us know if there’s anything else!!