Filter by combination of fields


I have a table with several fields, between them I have “check date”, “production date”, “article number”, I want to create a query to be run on an app in an embed table, this query will depend on variables from this app, the user can enter a range of check date and/or range of production date and / or single article, all those combination will show the result from the Tulip table on screen.

When I created this query for the date fields only, it worked great (althow you don’t have to possibility to filter a date by a range only before and after a date), this is because the date fields are always full.
When I added the possibility to filter by the article it didn’t work becuase this field can be empty if the user don’t want to filter by it.
So how can I combine those parameters in a single query ?

If I could change the use of query for the same embed table, I do that, but there is no possibility for that.

Thank you


Hey @Amit,

If the filtering inputs in this case (check date, production date, article number) are collected from the user in a step prior to where the the embedded table, maybe you can navigate to different table steps depending on the inputs provided. So if article number is not blank, navigate to a step where the filtered table is using a query with all 3 filters.

Let me know what you think of that potential approach.

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Look at the following screen :
I know that all labels there are in Hebrew, the top 2 are for check date range (from and to), the middle for production date range (from and to) and the last one for article number, below is the embed table connected to the Tulip table, so all user fields are in the same step as the table (more comfortable), the user can decide whether he want to filter by article or not, the problem here is if the article field remains empty, the query doesn’t work, I request a solution for this case.
So, I’m sorry, but you solution is not fit to what I have to do, but thank you anyway for tring to help me !

Thank you,

Ah ok I see, thanks for the context @Amit. What if you used embedded table filtering instead of a table query?

I tried mocking up a similar set of sample data to demonstrate with.

Thank you for your answer and video, I’ve tried your way and than I realize what was my mistake, in the filter I configure the value of article to be equal to the variable but if I choose “contains” it is working great.
So it is working by a table query defined in the table section and as a configured filter in the app.