Execute table query

I’ve created a Tulip table with several fields, 2 of those fields are with type of DateTime, Production date and Test Date.
Then I created a query that have to filter the data by range of dates, each range for one of the fields.
The query gets data from app input.
In the application I connected the new table and created a place holder and connected to the query I just created, then connected the query parameters to the app fields of the same type (DateTime variables).
In the next step, I added the 4 variables to a step (from and to date for both fields), in the next step I want to activate the query by choosing the dates in runtime (in the player) and press a button, what should I do in the trigger of this button ?
I didn’t find any choice that activate a query there, only load a record or link records and so on…

Thank you,
Amit Berku

hello @Amit, great to see you using the Table Queries in your apps!!

you actually don’t need to Trigger any events to execute the Table Query, as soon as the Variables change, the Table Query Input will update with the filters you defined. here’s a quick example.

Table and Query:

Query in app:

here you can see it update in real time as the Variable is updated:

did I correctly understand your question?? let me know!!

Thank you very much for your help, I configure my query as your screen shots and it is working great !


no problem, that’s great to hear @Amit.

it would be awesome if you could share your app in Show and tell - Tulip Community once it’s built!!