Interactive Table filter


I have a question regarding the interactive table at tulip app.
Is it possible to do date filter from Tulip Player app? like i want to filter the date from certain period.

But not from the tulip Editor page.


anyone can help with this issue?

  • crate a “from_date” and a “to_date” variable.
  • “to_date” should be default by 12/31/9999 and from should be empty or set to today by app logic (as you need).
  • make one date input field each
  • make a variable filter for the table referencing on these two variables:

The result in App looks something like this:

When you change the from and to inputs, the table will filter based on that data…

@thorsten.langner’s response will get you what you’re looking for. I would also add that you can hardcode those values using the static value option in the filter, and you can build filters that update for a rolling timeframe (last week, last month, today) using the same basic framework. More detail can be found here.

Thanks for the help!