Tulip table filter: add expressions

Hi there,
I would like to see the ability to use expressions/regex in the tulip table filter, as long as there are no linked AND/OR logic like
$A AND ($B OR $C)
With the expressions or with regex I’m more flexible to filter different cases

can this be realized?

Regards Chris

Hi @ChrisF -

Are you referring to the filtering that can be done in app editor or the filtering on a query?

Hi @Beth ,
I’m referring to the filter function of an interactive tulip table in the app editor:

similar to the ability in a trigger:

For example:
If you have an employee database
filtering to surname and only given name “Michel” or “Michael”
I can make a workaround with data manipulations before (see first picture) but that is not always possible for all cases

Regards Chris and happy thanksgiving

Got it Chris, I will make sure the product team is aware of your suggestion!

Hi Beth,

Is there any known release date on this?

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Hi Quintijn,

Apologies for my delayed response, but I just wanted to check on this ticket internally. Right now, I don’t have any updates - the Analytics team has some other priorities they are focussing on first, but this request is in the queue! Thank you for following up and I will keep this thread posted with any developments.