Searching Large Tables

Hey everyone! Dan here from the Tulip team.

I wanted to show off a neat trick I learned recently.

Sometimes, you end up working with Tulip Tables which have thousands of records. This makes it very hard to find one or two specific records based on some search criteria. You can’t use Ctrl + F because the data only shows 50 records per page. You could create a Tulip App to filter and view the table, but this can be a hassle if you are in a pinch.

Enter… a “Search” Query. You can use the Tulip Table Queries functionality to quickly search through your table, just like you would in Excel. This functionality was designed for using data inside of apps, but can also be used in the table. By creating a Query with filters set to App Input, you can use the test button to quickly input values and see the filtered view. Lets see an example.

Say we have a table for materials which need to be used for an order by a certain time

We can create a search query with an App Input filter such as

When we save this query, we will be able to hit the “Test” button to manually enter the filter values we would like to see. And voila!


You can add filters on additional columns to create more custom searches:

Happy Tulip-ing!


Really useful Dan! Thanks for sharing

dan, will this search all the pages in the table? when i tried this out it only searched the one page.

Hey @ashleyhector,

Can you share a screenshot of your query? We would expect it to search every page of your table. Queries are case sensitive, and wouldn’t returning anything that isn’t an exact match (so leading or training spaces in a text field wouldn’t be returned)


OK, SO………………………I restarted my computer and it worked. Doh.


Glad to hear it @ashleyhector! Queries can be pretty intensive if your dataset is large (imagine it going through thousands of records one by one to check your filters and sort) so sometimes we see issues with Chrome failing to load results in a reasonible amount of time.

Let me know if you run into any other issues!


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