Performance impact of referencing many tables in an app with queries

Hi, I was just wondering if there is potentially any unintended performance impact from referencing many different tables in an app.

Let’s say our app would try to fetch data from 8 different tables all containing a large amount of data. The queries would only be relevant for specific steps in the app.

As I currently understand table records are ALWAYS fetched at all times when any of the defined input criteria change. Correct?

There is currently no way to explicitly trigger the data fetching on-demand.

Doesn’t this create a lot of unnecessary overhead? I mean, if I only need the data at a specific step and the required input parameters will only get populated in due time when reaching this step in the app - theoretically this should fires many rather useless queries nobody is asking for…

Am I missing something? Is the Tulip platform silently monitoring if a query is actually used in a step or not and only run/fetch data if that is indeed the case?