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I have a step that contains some tables showing different kinds of information using queries. One table showing only records with a date later than the current date keeps refreshing and this visually bothers the user, I believe - please, correct me if I’m mistaken - it blinks every second because the query checks again after every second (smallest Unit of time in Tulip ?). Whereas, the other table which contains only a string comparison query doesn’t blink at all.

Is there a way to decrease the refresh rate (One blink/refresh every 30 seconds instead of every second), or ideally stop seeing the blinking ?

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Hey @safe

You’re totally right. The process of actually pulling the query takes a fraction of a second, so the table will flash as it reloads. Queries will always automatically run when their filters change, but what we can do is filter on a time variable that we update less frequently than every second. To implement this, I would:

  1. On step enter, store the current time to a variable (I will call it filter_time)

  2. Filter the table by this variable, as opposed to app info>current date and time

  3. Add a timer trigger, set it to run every 30 seconds, and have it store the current date and time to the filter_time variable. When this trigger runs the query will update.

Does this make sense?

Hi @Pete_Hartnett,
Thank you for the great workaround. It worked perfectly!

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