Filter data in interactive table with TableQuery data source

I created table query which filters data in table. I have two types of tools in table and I decided to go with one table for simplicity because different types of tools can be stored in same table structure. Also I need unique ID over all tools.

To my understanding of tables and simple queries both should behave exactly the same way in applications (of course more complex queries have some limitations regarding new data inserts but here this is not the case because query here is just a subset if data in table).

But unfortunately when I used query as data source in Interactive table I found out that there is no option to additionally filter data. As I will have probably more than 1000 records in table of each tool type filter option is a must.

Now I’m faced with option to have two or more tables of the same data structure - for different tool types - but in this case ID can not be unique over multiple tool tables unless I manually create some sort of logic to check if ID already exists in another table. This is something that one should never do in correctly structured data model.

Are there any plans to enable filtering in Interactive table if data source in table query?

Edited: Currently I will solve example above without table query usage. I will filter table data differently for different tool types and add additional filter condition for further data filetring.