Embedded Table vs Table Query


Question re: the interactive table widget. When I choose my datasource, there is an option for both a table and a table query. With queries I get filtering, sorting, max returns, etc. but with the table I also get the same options, just configured with the widget.

Is there a particular reason why I would want to choose one vs. the other? They seem to be identical for use in the interactive table. I understand you can attach aggregations to queries, but is there something else I’m missing that makes them different?

Hi @David2 , you are correct in your understanding!

The primary reason you may choose a Table Query as your data source is if you have the same view you want to quickly invoke in many places across many different applications. You may save yourself a few clicks by creating the view once, and displaying it many times.

Personally, I rarely use Table Queries, and much prefer to create the unique table views manually for each step, allowing me to be flexible and change the view as I iterate on the app.

Hope that helps!