[Tip of the Week] Filtering on Interactive Table

hello all!! for this week’s Tip of the Week we wanted to share how to add Filtering on Interactive Tables.

applying Filters to your Interactive Tables can unlock many interesting use cases. from Dates, to Users, to Quantities, you can filter on any column in your Tables so it only displays the information you need given what you need to display in your App.

in this example, we’ll be demonstrating how to only display Table Records with more than x items in the Quantity field (useful if for example you wanted to see which large WO’s were coming down the pipeline).

here’s the process for adding this Filter.

  1. add an Interactive Table to your App, and add a Filter to the Table:
  2. define and Save your Filter:
  3. you can now run the App and see how changing the Variable that it’s being filtered changes the information being displayed in the Interactive Table:

you can learn more about this here: