Increased visibility to App variables from station manager

Hey All,

It would be super nice if from the station manager I could see the current app variable value. This would make it much easier to troubleshoot floor issues. Right now we have no way to know this information without printing those values to a box in the development version and pushing that to the floor, resetting the app, and trying to get back into the same spot in the app. Not a good solution.

As a bonus - It would be super nice to at least be able to see the IDs of the records currently loaded in the app, if not record ID along with all the table values. This is something we can see if we open the table it is referencing, but we have no way of knowing what ID is loaded.

This would make it much easier to troubleshoot issues where either the table or app variables are incorrect.


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Hey Peter, this is a great idea, has anyone told you about the upcoming ‚ÄúDeveloper Mode‚ÄĚ feature that we are launching? It would not solve this exactly, but we will discuss this internally because it might be a good immediate add to the feature right after we launch it.

If you are interested in the ‚ÄúDeveloper Mode‚ÄĚ beta, let us know and we can add you to the beta group!

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