Display current step in Dev Mode

It’s a small thing, but it would be nice if the dev mode page displayed the current app step somewhere.

Sometimes I’ll have a ‘redirect’ page that will navigate to a certain step based on certain conditions (like printing a different label based on certain data, for example).

From the user perspective, I want the steps to be identical, but in testing it would be nice for quick troubleshooting without having to add text displaying step name into the actual app view.

Hi @richard.vaughn,

I like the Idea. I found out this is actually already implemented but has a bug (thats how it looks to me),

The dropdown “Step” shows the current step, but it does not automatically update.
When I click on the “Record Placeholter” Tab, and back on “Variables” it updates its value.

I suggest to fix this bug AND to add a “App-Info” Tab with all the App-Info Variables (as usable in the App-Designer).

What do you think?

Hey all-

This one queued a good internal conversation over how we classify this ask. This definitely falls into the category of “almost a bug” at a minimum. I got this in the backlog and the team will set a priority to improve this.