Display list of step of an App in the app like table of contents

Is there an easy method to show a list of all the steps in the app in the first step, kind of like a table of contents? I want this to be updated automatically when a new step is added or deleted and also have the ability to click on one of the step to go directly to it.

I have seen some posts that are similar but there doesn’t seem to be a clear way to make this happen.

hello @MikeRousch, thanks for posting!! that’s an interesting question and I’m curious to see what others post.

I would suggest storing the following information in a Table that will act as a ‘Table of Contents’:

  • App Name
  • Step Name
  • Target Cycle Time
  • Version Name

you can add a Step Open Trigger on the Master Layout that will automatically keep this Table up to date every time the steps are opened to store the information dynamically:

as you can see, each time a Step is opened, the following information will be stored to the Table without the asking the User to click anything:

you can use this Table in an Interactive Table to create a ‘Table of Contents’:

there is a Filter for the App Name column so you can use the same Table for multiple Apps:

do you think something like this would work for you?? let us know!!

It worked perfectly. Thank you for the quick response, I was able to get it functional that same day.

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