Get list of steps in app

I’m looking for a way to get the full list of steps in an app. The closest thing I’ve found is Display list of step of an App in the app like table of contents, but this seems a bit clunky.

My use-case is that our app starts off by allowing users to select a process they will be working on. The list of processes is dynamic, and configured by our operations team, and propagated in Tulip via a connector. We try to match the name of the the process to the name of a step in the app, and eventually we hope to have custom screens for every process the operations team wants. In the meantime, we’d really like to attempt to go to a step that matches the process name, and otherwise fall back to some default view. In my mind, the easiest way to do this is check if the name of the process is in the list of app steps, but that doesn’t seem possible at the moment. Any other suggestions for how we can create this fallback behavior?


I had this same problem when we started and there are two methods that work well. It is a little complex to describe over the chat but if you have some time I can show you our solution over a Teams call.