Go to specific step on instruction via expression

It is currently possible to go to a specific app by name using an expression.

What would be really nice would be being able to use an expression to go to a specific app AND step.

Hey @Nolsie,

Just created a feature request for this one, you’re totally right, we should support this functionality nativly. I will keep this thread updated as that feature request gets acted on.

In the meantime, I have seen customers get around this limitation by using a table where the id is the station or username, and there is a field for the desired step. The master app updates this field, you then transition to you polishing app and a trigger runs on step enter that checks that table and moves the user to the correct step.

I made a video about using the user table to pass data between apps, this is probably the way I would approach this problem until that feature is executed on (Passing Data Between Apps - Quick Tip - YouTube)

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense-

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