Go to Step from text Input

Hello all,

My workplace just got Tulip in house last week. I’ve watched some university videos and have been messing around in the App. I have my base layout, then my first step is asking the operator for the base Item number for a specific product( product is 10 items assembled into 1). Right now all I want is for the operators to type in 1 of the 10 item numbers and then have it take me to the corresponding step that shows info/pictures/locations for part.

example have operator type in Part # 9 and then it goes to the step with Part 9 and skips all the other parts.

I’m sure its been answered and it is probably super basic but I wasn’t able to find anything specific in search.

Thank you

Hi @Cthulhu, thanks for the question. Here’s how I would approach this. Let me know if it helps!