Table function in manufacturing instructions to manage mixed part numbers


I would like to request for dev help on developing an app for manufacturing instructions that vary depending on part numbers using the Table function. The use case is as below:

  • Let’s say we have Part Numbers 100, 200, and 300.
  • Each part number has a unique BOM that calls out each component such as below:

Part Number 100

  1. Component 100-A
  2. Component 100-B

Part Number 200

  1. Component 200-A
  2. Component 200-B
  3. Component 200-C

Part Number 300

  1. Component 300-A
  2. Component 300-B
  3. Component 300-C
  4. Component 300-D
  • When the operator scans or enters a Part Number 300, the app would call out the recipe for that part number.
  • Since the sequence of each component install in critical, the app needs to visually indicate each of the components in sequence, 300-A, 300-B, ….
  • After 300-A through 300-D has been completed by the operator, it should start over from 300-A for the next part. The problem that we are facing is that since each component is a “layer” in the manufacturing process, operator can make a mistake and miss a specific layer in the final construction, or perhaps install the incorrect component.
  • Ultimately, I want Tulip to be used as a visual and interactive reminder for the operator. If we have hundreds of part numbers, I don’t want to have to create a new “Step” for every single component for each part number. How can I use the “Table” function to tackle this challenge?

Thank you for your feedback in advance.


Hello @Kevin, and welcome to Tulip Community!!

Have you by any chance taken a look at this post:

There are essentially two main solutions that will work well:

  1. Use the Dynamic Work Instructions bundle that’s part of our Library: If this is something you want to pursue, let me know your instance URL and I’m happy to add the apps you your account.
  2. Having a Table with the content of the instructions in the fields. As you progress through the process, you can load different Table Records depending on the step you’re currently on. Something similar to:

Do you think either of the solutions would work for you??

Finally, I would like to point out that we have Office Hours :link: on Thursdays at 11AM EST. Let me know if this is something you’re interested in participating in and I can add you to the invite!!


Hi gio,

Can you please help add the Dynamic Work Instructions bundle for me to try? My instance URL is:

Thank you,

Hey @Kevin,

The apps have been been added to the Import folder within your account.

Please let me, @freedman or @stefan.titz know if you have any questions while setting it up!!


Hey @Kevin, I would also recommend that you watch this video, it helps describe how to use tables to dynamically load content.