Printing all executed steps from a Table-Based Work Instructions

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Is it possible to print in PDF all the executed steps in a Table-Based Work Instructions with values?
For context, in the Pharma industry it is really important to trace all the different production steps.
With the Table-Based Work Instructions, the instructions are not available in the App in advance (the app will loop into a single step and display another work instruction at each loop) and the data are cleared and saved after each instruction. Because of this, I cannot set a print trigger at the end of the App because only the last instruction would be available for printing.
A possible workaround would be to launch a print at the end of every steps but there is not any internal way of combining all those one page PDFs into one at the end of the App.

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Kevin, by and large we do not recommend building apps that use table-based work instructions for various reasons. Such an architecture is representative of what we would consider a “monolithic” app rather than our recommended Composable approach.
We highly recommend reviewing the detailed discussion on Composable vs. Monolithic Architectures linked here.

Even in the context of Pharma industry, we guide our customers towards a zero or near-zero paper eBR/eDHR solution wherein the historical context of processes completed would be visible via: the Record History Widget, Table Analytics, and other visualizations.

Regarding usage of Tulip Tables, our best practice approach is generally to use tables to store one of two things: physical artifacts (e.g. batches, units, etc…) or operational artifacts (e.g. work orders, non-conformances, etc…).
More discussion on Tulip Tables linked here.

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