Best way to print out steps with loaded data from tables?

Hi there,
i’m running often in the issue, that a printed step group, where every step loads data from a table, are not filled out correctly/completely.
When switching through the steps manually by next/previous the app has time to load all the displayed and printed data.
But in our scenario i start the app with a given (via table) unique ID, the app reads the ID, loads the data for the head and shoud print the steps 1-9. Every step loads by a on step enter trigger the corresponding data for this step out of the table.And so on.
But often some data are missing.
So my question is: is this the correct way to print steps with loaded data? Will an on-step-enter trigger be executed when the step should printed?
I have found that a trigger “goto to step 1” is faster executed than a previous trigger “load data from table” and changes the step - but without the data.
To load all data within one trigger is not practicable because thats are 80 data from different tables to fill our test protocolls.

Regards Christian

Hey Christian,

Printing multiple steps with a lot of information is unfortunately a known limitation of the product. There is currently a feature request to improve this capability and I will update this thread when there is an estimate of when it will make it into the product roadmap.

In the meantime, is it necessary that you use the Print Step functionality? Are you printing a traveler or something similar? If not, you could always use the Completion Data to print the information you’re looking for.

Alternatively, assuming the Print Step is required for your use case, you could print each step individually by adding a trigger before the “Go to Next Step” action that prints the current step. I understand this isn’t ideal, but it would certainly improve the missing data issue you’re running into.

Do you think that solution might work for you? Let me know if you have any follow up questions. :slight_smile:


Hi Kailey,
it is very important to use the Print Step functionality because it is an important test protocol/report printing app. The test protocols have to archived as PDF in our file system/ERP system and the “print as PDF” printer is the only way to export the test result as an PDF file.
And no, i can not design the layout in tulip because it is too laborious (nearly 100 data, results from our other app.
It is also important to export all data in one PDF. Printing the individual steps are not useful for the employees and a user friendly, safe case is required by our QM/QS (quality management)
Regards Christian