Print Table Record

Hello Everyone,
Is it possible to print table record? I am storing data in tulip table and from user input loading the record in app through table record. (Record includes picture as well)

I understand using python to create specific format; however, I am just interested in printing the record as it is. Is this possible?

Thank you!


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Hey @AmirPatel -

There isn’t a way to print records directly from the table UI, but you can within an app. Here is an example where I am populating table data over a blank form, then using the print step trigger action to print the step:

I have found this approach to be quite useful for generating standard documents.



Hey Pete,
Thank you for responding! I think I can work with this.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


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The work around is adequate when the number of values is small and everything can fit into one page of a step. I have a situation where the table has over 100 values for each record and it will not fit into a page if you want to be able to read it. Having a print feature similar to the Record History widget to print multiple pages for a record would be better than to setup many steps to contain the large number of table values. This is also beneficial when we get audited by regulatory agency or customer and having to show them a hardcopy of the electronic batch record from Tulip. Having a complete printout of what we want to show instead of exporting the table into CSV or printing multiple steps of an app is preferred because the latter option do not present well in an audit.