Printing variable number of table records

Hi Team,

I need to print as PDF a list of table records (number of records can vary from 10 to 1000+).
Currently, I have ONE step where I have my interactive table showing those records in multiple pages. But, I couldn’t find a way to print all those table records in a PDF file.

I added an index column to my table and two variables to my app (upper index limit and lower index limit and added a filter to my query lower limit<index number<upper limit so I can only show a specific number of rows in my step and then increment those variables using on step enter triggers so I can -sort of- scroll down my table automatically and get all the table records I need until an aggregation counting the number of records returned by the query =0.

However, I couldn’t execute the printing action. Even if I could, I believe that we would’ve had multiple PDF printouts for every time the loop runs and we only need ONE PDF File gathering all those records.

Any ideas, please ?

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Hey @safe,

Thanks for the patiences getting back to you! I think Tulip is getting pretty close to “anything is possible”, but dynamic printing of multiple steps is one of the few areas that are lacking some functionality.

I ran into this issue with a customer fairly recently (trying to print from 1-80 steps). One thing you can do is print whole step groups as opposed to single steps, this will combine all the steps into a single file. So what they did for their usecase was have a dedicated step for each report all within a step group, and their print step call was to the step group, as opposed to a single step.

This isn’t nearly as flexible as it needs to be for the ends of the extremes. This product limitation is something we are looking to address ASAP. Its a little tricky to address around the limitations Windows and MacOS have, but something we will address.

As a little more context, legacy systems basically never handle printing themselves. They almost always force you to invest in a secondary printing service (bartender is the one I am familiar with). This additional service adds cost and complexity that Tulip is working to remove the need for. The feature isn’t mature enough yet, but that is where we are trying to go.


Hi @Pete_Hartnett,

I’m afraid the workaround you suggested isn’t going to do it, because I don’t have a fixed number of steps and there isn’t a way to create steps automatically (based on number of records I have : Number of steps to print = number of all records by query/number of rows to display in the table)

I thought about something that might do the trick, but I’m still struggling. I can show a number of records in the table - print the step - loop back to the step where records are displayed - display another set of records - print the step and continue the loop until my aggregation counting the number of records is 0.
I did all of the mentioned above but it seems that only the printing action in the last loop gets executed…

Anyway, thanks for your reply!