Best way to print a test protocol

i have to create a test protocol for our assembly parts.
At the moment i’m concepting the workflow in Tulip but have to print the result at the end to a layouted design.
So what functions do Tulip support to do so? Can i use a picture of the (empty) test protocol as background, placing the collected information as variables at the required positions and send all to the printer, or is there a more smart way?
It is a big check box test protocol for our qualitiy department and must be audit-proof printed as PDF.
Is Tulip the right tool for this or must i use a better tool (we do it today with printed templates).
Any suggestions are welcome.

Hey Chris,

Tulip supports the printing of any step as a PDF, and it’s certainly possible to use a screenshot of the current report template, and then place your app variables over it.
That being said, I think replicating the report in Tulip will produce a much cleaner looking report. This will also allow for any potential future revisions or edits to the template.
While it might feel slightly tedious, inserting lines into the app step can go a long way in report organization. To do this go into the step, click Assets > Arrows & Lines > Line. You can edit the width, color, length etc.

Additionally, here’s an article you might find helpful: How Operators Can Print App Data Or Save it to a PDF

Let me know what you end up going with! :smile:

Hi Kailey,
thank you for the quick response.
I tried this morning the possibility to embed and print a PDF document with added Checkboxes and Fields, but the result is awful:
the embeded PDF is moved at the end of the page and only the first 1cm is shown and the checkboxes are placed above the PDF.
I tried this with different PDF-printer and settings, but using normaly the Adobe PDF printer.
Also the PDF file is not embeded filling the whole area and leaves an empty area around. But step size is A4 and the PDF too.

Regards Chris

Hi Chris,

I think using an image with checkboxes placed on top off it, opens up a lot of opportunity for formatting imperfection. You could try and continue to play around with the print settings, but I think recreating the document itself might be the best route to take here.

Let me know if you have any questions about how to create the document within Tulip.


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Hi Kailey,
thank you for the suggestions, but recreating the complete protocoll in Tulip is not realy possible, because there are not only the collected information but also important information of the company, Logo, correspodning DIN/EN norms etc.
I see that the combination of Tulip controls/widgets and pictures are sub-optimal solved. Moving background is undepending of the used PDF printer.
So the printing option isn’t a possible way for us, up to fixing this issue.