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We have 100% testing policy in my company. End of production line we are testing our products which are called End of Line Tests (EOL Tests). We want to share these test results with our costumers as a .pdf document. Is there a custom widget or something for saving my steps in a file as .pdf? @giladl @John

Hi Ozan,

This functionality is built in and you can “print” each step with triggers and save it to pdf. This Knowledge Base article has more details on how to accomplish this How Operators Can Print App Data Or Save it to a PDF

Does this help?

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@Beth I have been using the Print Step trigger for some time to generate CofCs, Packing Lists, and other various forms. In some cases, I end up saving them as a PDF as you described and then immediately upload the PDFs back to a File field in a table. This is mostly as I don’t want / can’t regenerate the form again in the future and want to archive it within Tulip in the event we (or our customer) needs it.

I’m sure I could use a connector function with an external paid API to generate PDF forms that can be sent back to Tulip and saved to a table but having a built-in Save Step as PDF to File field in Table action would be incredible.

I’m not sure if this is what @OzanB was thinking but I am!


Hi @Beth
no, because you have to leave the Tulip environment and have to add the PDF file name manually (ok, you can copy a file name with path to the clipboard) but that’s not a smart Tulip-like workaround.
Due to security reasons the stations haven’t access direct access to the shared folder for storing the PDFs.
It also breaks the workflow inside Tulip when using the OS dialog.

Regards Chris

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Hi and thank all of you for your feedback,

@Beth, the problem here is, when I embed a .pdf file to the step and fill it from the app itself. It creates a page with pdf controller and this blue margins. When I try to print it it comes with all this margins and pdf controls that I dont want. Now, I created a copycat of my pdf file in the step (which is not .pdf) I am printing this page. However, It would great if we can save this pages in a table as pdf or other document types just like, @doneil mentioned above.

In addition to that, I found the same solution just like @ChrisF mentioned if you want to modify it in pdf I have to leave Tulip environment. I am not a developer I am not good if need to write a script.

Again, Thank you all for your contributions to this topic. Also, sorry for my late response, I was out of office for a week. I guess we need to create a development request for such actions.


Thanks @doneil and @ChrisF for the input and discussion here!

@OzanB - I understand better now the challenge here. I will go ahead and turn this thread into a product suggestion so others in the community can vote on it and our product team has the internal ticket to work on.

It seems the main thing that would help here is a built-in “Save step as PDF” in a table and a way to edit the PDF without having to leave the Tulip environment - does this summarize everything correctly?


Hi @Beth ,

Yes, that is what i need actually. Thank you for you input and help.



An additional reason to be able to save each step as PDF is that the information is not correct anymore when printing multiple steps.
An example:
You are executing 10 steps and want to print everything at the end of Step 10.
When printing multiple steps like this, all the step titles will be the same as Step10 (if you display the step name with the text widget - App info - Step name). It is because that information has changed with every step and was overwritten each time. At the time of the printing, only the latest value remains. It breaks the ALCOA principle.
To make it work, you need to save the step name into different variables (one for each step) and display those variables.
Same for the User logged in, …

The only moment the data really respects ALCOA for printing is just before leaving the Step itself.

I would love to see a print to pdf button that prints SILENTLY (without OS window/prompt) and save it in a configured location (Cloud/Table). The PDF generation should come from the server and not the client (access to table/rights for the cloud/…).


@Beth have you received any feedback from the team on this feature request? I’d be interested to understand if this is something they would take on.

Hi Darren,

I don’t have a concrete update, but we are having some more internal conversations around this with the product team. The technical lift to accomplish this is actually a bit heavy, so the priority is scoping this work for our roadmap. I hope to have more updates in the near future!

Since Tulip is using electron under the hood of the client, can’t you “simply” use the webContents.printToPDF command bypass the OS print dialog and get to the file data?