Editing and Saving PDF not step

hi all,

I have an ask from my team to see if Tulip is capable of the below:

Our team sends out contracts in the form of PDFs to clients. these PDFs are modified dependent of the ask. Our team wants to standardize these PDFs where only some areas are able to be edited and can only be edited using specific values(i.e a dropdown list of values) to reduce user error.

Ask: Can tulip modify and save these PDFs(without the step) if a blank template is provided?

I’ve had a look at some previous topics around this and tested it out. I can edit the embed PDF with the variable widgets.
However I noticed that when I embed a PDF, edit it using variables and use a trigger to print, it prints the whole step. Whereas what I’m looking for is to simply save down the embedded PDF. Is this possible?

I also tried importing the customWidget-File Encoder - PDF but i get this error:

Would integrating Tulip with SendGrid achieve the above?

thanks in advance!

Hi @knowlec!

You are correct, the print trigger wants to print the whole step. The way around this to have a step for every page of the PDF and print each of those steps. This article outlines this approach How Operators Can Print App Data Or Save it to a PDF

In terms of the custom widget, is that from our library? potentially there may be a mismatch between the software version of the custom widget and the software version of your instance. Sometimes, our support team is able to help import these things despite the software differences, so you may want to try support@tulip.co and see if they can help with that!

For you last question around integration with SendGrid - I will tap @Pete_Hartnett to see what he thinks.