Print/Export as PDF with preset filename?

Hi all,
i’m playing with the print function and ask myself if i can give a preset filename to the dialog (from Tulip variables)?
I fear that this will not work, because I am accessing a system dialog, but I hope for a positive possibility :slight_smile:

hello @ChrisF, I’m afraid you cannot currently define the filename for the Step (or Steps) you’re printing; i have however communicated this with the Product team to investigate its feasibility.

we’ll keep you posted with updates.


Hey Chris, I am a product manager at Tulip and I can help with this. Hmm, you are correct, we would need to rebuild this whole flow to make saving PDFs with a preset name easier. Are you hoping to save the file locally, or would it be better to send it somewhere via email or store it in the cloud?

Hi Kevin,
sorry for the delay…

Sendig by eMail or storing locally would be appreciated


Okay, sounds good. I will review this with our engineering team and reply here when we have an idea on how we might solve this.

the print or export as PDF works well, if i’m using the blank template as picture.
It does not looks like a perfect template, because the checkboxes have a border and colored background, but it works :slight_smile: