Operator Input to load info pertaining to part #


Is it possible to have a text input from an operator that is capable of pulling all related information to a specific variable in a Table such as a Part Number?

For example, the operator is going to set up a machine so they begin by typing the part number into the app text input, and then based on that text input there would be all related variables from a table loaded and displayed to the operator.

I have searched similar topics that require setting up a connector to tulip tables, and this seems more complex for what is needed.

Thank you

hello @MJE0204, welcome to the Tulip Community!! it would be great if you could introduce yourself here: Welcome to the Community, let's meet!!!

regarding your question, have you taken a look at this post?? Search Embedded Tables it seems to do everything you’re describing and doesn’t require a Connector Function.

let us know if this helps!!

Hello Gio, thank you for the response. I believe the Search Embedded Tables was what I was trying to do. I am very close to trialing my App now.

great to hear @MJE0204!!

it would be great if you could share the App in: Show and tell - Tulip Community once it’s been trailed!!